Pompeii & Herculaneum

At lunch time on a hot August day in 79 AD Mount Vesuvius exploded, without any warning.

Within few hours, thousands of roman people had died and life in these luxurious and sophisticted cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum came to an abrupt end.

The huge amount of volcanic ash and mud ejected by the volcano has preserved and frozen in time the two cities, leaving us an extraordinary legacy, that caputures everyone’s imagination.

We’ll take you in a tour of the two most spectacular roman cities in the world, where we will discover together what made the romans live so well.

Their houses with colourful and refined fresco paintings, mosaics, gardens and fountains. The baths, with swimming pools and sauna; the places of whorship, the shops and the taverns; the imposing public buildings like the market places, the law courts and the forum.

We won’t take the thrill of it away from you untill the end, showing you also the last agony of ordinary human beings, captured so vividly in plaster  by the archeologists.

By the end of the tour you will feel like having spend a day into the ancient Roman Empire travelling on a time machine!

7 hr approx